Furniture related knowledge sharing

Oct. 31, 2023

Advantages of MDF furniture

Make full and effective use of wood

Easy to disassemble and assemble

Fast production cycle and various shapes

Stable shape and not easily deformed


Furniture related knowledge sharing


Cleaning and maintenance of MDF furniture


Stable placement

The ground where MDF panel furniture is placed must be kept flat, with all four legs touching the ground evenly. If the furniture is often shaken and unstable after installation, the tenons or fasteners will inevitably fall off, and the bonded parts will gradually crack, affecting the use effect and shortening the service life of the furniture. In addition, if the ground is soft and the furniture is unbalanced, do not use wooden boards or iron plates to cushion the legs of the furniture. This will cause uneven distribution of force and damage the internal structure of the furniture in the long term, even if the furniture is balanced.

Avoid exposure to the sun

It is best to place furniture away from direct sunlight. Frequent exposure to sunlight can cause paint on furniture to fade, metal fittings to oxidize and deteriorate, and wood to become brittle. In summer it is best to use curtains to block sunlight and protect furniture.

Indoor humidity

Indoor humidity needs to be maintained to prevent furniture from getting damp. Humidifiers should be used for a limited time in spring and autumn to prevent damage to furniture due to excessive humidity, such as wood decay, rust on metal parts, and adhesive parts that are prone to glue falling off. When cleaning furniture, use as little water as possible and avoid using alkaline water. It is recommended to wipe it with a damp cloth that has been wrung out of the water, and then wipe it clean with a clean cloth.

How to choose and maintain rattan chairs

Furniture related knowledge sharing

How to choose a rattan chair:

Try sitting on it yourself to see if it shakes or creaks when excessive force is applied.

Check whether the welding joints at the welding position are firm and there should not be too many exposed joints on the surface of the rattan. Be sure to feel it with your hands; smooth, pliable, thorn-free rattan is the best choice.

In addition, it also depends on the craftsmanship, whether the rattan is evenly woven and whether the matching fabric is exquisitely sewn.

Maintenance of rattan tables and chairs:

It can be cleaned directly with water, or if that doesn't work, you can apply a coat of paint. Rattan products are often painted or stained. If dirty, it needs to be cleaned regularly. But if you still can't restore the new look after cleaning, a method called "rubbing" or applying a thin coat of paint can usually remove the stain.

Use a knife to remove the stain from the unoiled areas. Scrape away the stain and paint, or paint the entire surface. When you want to remove stains, soak them in a good quality oil-based paint and paint again, cleaning and repainting.

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