Machinery & Craftsmanship

Machinery & Craftsmanship

The perfect combination of manual craftsmanship and science and technology. In addition to traditional techniques such as hand sewing and pasting, our furniture also adopts modern techniques such as stamping, welding, and injection molding. The perfect combination of the two creates a series of furniture in different materials and styles. Whether you are customizing samples or purchasing in bulk, we can produce them.

Our factory has advanced production technology

Dining Furniture

Our factory is equipped with numerous welding, cutting, printing, stamping and leg shrinking machinery for production under one roof.

Advanced machinery makes routine production of high volumes easier and less hassle.

Chairs and tables

In order to improve the mass production efficiency of tables and chairs, we have implemented a clear division of labor arrangement in the main workshop, assigning injection molding, printing, hardware and other processes to professionals and different work units.

By having dedicated teams to focus on specific processes, we are able to reduce production time, monitor operations more accurately, and ensure chairs and tables are delivered on time

Custom-make chairs and tables

Skilled manual welding technology

To ensure precision, we offer a hand welding service, performed by skilled artisans to produce more durable furniture.

An affordable option for non-mass-produced products, our skilled welders are ready to custom-make chairs and tables to your specifications.

Living Room Furniture

Precision Cutting Process

We use a precision cutting process to ensure that each furniture part has highly accurate dimensions and perfect cutting quality.

By using advanced cutting equipment and professional operating techniques, we are able to achieve error-free cutting, thus ensuring the best splicing and assembly quality.

Great attention is paid to every detail to ensure the ultimate level of sophistication and aesthetics of the final product.

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